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Personalize your treatments

with the scientific knowledge 

gained by genetic testing. 


Genetic Testing Created
By Professionals for Professionals. 


Test Don't Guess.

CLIA-Certified and COLA-Accredited Lab

Easy 4 Step Process:

1. Receive DNA Kit. Place order, complete and sign the Test Requisition Form.

2. Collect DNA Sample. Swab right side of cheek for at least 30 seconds then repeat on the left side of cheek.

3. Mail Sample. Place in prepaid,

stamped envelope.

4. Results. Average turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days from the date received at the lab.



All client records are maintained privately and securely, with HIPAA and CLIA/COLA compliance.

We do not give or sell any data

to third parties.

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