NutriGen™ DNA

Petri Dish

The NutriGen™ DNA Personalized Diet,
Wellness, and Weight-loss Program.

Now offered at Seeking Perfect Health and for the first time, in North America!


Take the guess work out of why you struggle with your weight. What foods to eat. What foods not to eat. What portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrates are best for you. What exercise is best for you. 


Quit trying programs that do not help you discover the real reasons why, in spite of your best efforts, losing weight and maintain your weight loss is a battle. 


Genetic Factors determine between 40% - 70% of your BMI.


What is the NutriGen™ DNA test and how can it help me?

NutriGen™ is the most complete nutrigenomic analysis in the market related to weight loss, response to exercise, intolerances and nutritional needs, among others, with 363 (3x121) genetic variations (SNPs) analyzed. It uses state-of-the-art technology based on DNA Open Array technology that has more than 99% reproducibility and sensitivity. 

NutriGen™ analyzes both genetic factors and other relevant characteristics  obtained through your medical history to provide a full understanding about the underlaying factors related with weight gain.

Your weight loss program, dietary advice, and exercise advice, will be personalized and based on your genetic profile and not guess work. Our professional staff, armed with years of clinical experience, will use this information to provide you with recommendations based on your genetic profile and not guess work. 

How is the test administered? 

  1. You can come to our clinic, and we will swab your cheek for 1 minute.

  2. You will fill out an online questionnaire.

  3. We can alternatively dropship our DNA kit to  your home with simple instructions.

  4. The DNA sample is sent to the lab (pre-stamped and addressed) located in Austin, Texas.

  5. The lab will process your sample, and the report will be provided to our physician within just 5 - 7 business from the time the lab receives the sample.

  6. Our professional staff will go over the report with you and recommend lifestyle and diet changes based on your DNA and health history. 

What your DNA test will show: 


1. Important genetic results

Summary of the categories where your genes have an important impact on your health and weight. 

2. Recommended diet type

Our recommendation on the type of diet that will be optimal for you to succeed in your strategy as determined by your DNA. 

3. Intolerance risk

Here you can find how high is your genetic risk of intolerance to specific products (lactose, alcohol, gluten, caffeine and fructose) that might shape your future diet. 

4. Vitamin and mineral deficiency risk

This section shows your predisposition to suffer from deficiency in vitamins and minerals, based on your genetic profile. 

5. The best food supplements

This section includes an overview of the recommended supplements. 

6. Top 10 food categories

List of the 10 best foods you can eat per different category to provide a hands-on list of foods best for you. 

7. Distribution of daily intake of foods

A graph is provided that portrays the optimal proportion of fats, proteins and healthy carbohydrates intake on a daily basis.

8. Physical activity

Expected benefits of exercise in improving your cholesterol HDL levels and reducing body fat according to your genetic results. 

9. Recommended calories

Our recommendation for your daily calorie intake.

10. Complete genetic results

Complete description of the analyzed SNPs within the NutriGen™ DNA test. 

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