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COVID Treatment

Covid 19
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Treatment of COVID and Long Haulers

Do You Have COVID? Daily, we receive calls from people who either are suffering from COVID, just tested positive, or just came down with symptoms. Most are referred by other clients. Many are weekend calls that we respond to within a short time of receiving the calls. Why. Because we know the importance of timeliness. 

Recent Testimonials

I tested positive for COVID and was feeling fatigued. I had lost my taste and smell. A friend suggested I call Seeking Perfect Health and talk to Dr. Feste. After discussing my symptoms, and filling out my health history, Dr. Feste immediately started me on the Seeking Perfect Health protocol. He followed up with me every few days to check on my progress. After ten days, I was symptom-free and tested NEGATIVE for COVID. He and the staff were excellent. H. 

If you have COVID, I strongly recommend you call Seeking Perfect Health as soon as possible. The sooner the better. Everyone was kind and acted quickly. Dr. Feste was wonderful. I had a positive test for COVID and felt weak, with a persistent cough. My breathing was erratic. A member of my church, who knew Dr. Feste, suggested call as soon as possible. I left a message on a Saturday at their office and was surprised that I received a call that same day and was also able to talk with Dr. Feste on that Saturday. He called in my scripts and recommended the supplements I needed. He and his staff kindly followed up with me every few days to check on my progress and make sure that I had everything I needed. With approximately 12 days, I was completely free of my symptoms. I did another COVID test that was NEGATIVE. M.

Quick response. This is important because we want to do our best to help you avoid hospitalization, and we want to help heal and/or reduce the severity of symptoms. Our goal is also to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation with the goal of having you fully recovered in as short as time as possible. 

Recovery from COVID? The Challenge and The Facts About After-Effects

  • “Nearly one half of people who are hospitalized with COVID-19 suffer at least one lingering symptom 1 year after discharge, according to the largest study yet to assess the dynamic recovery of a group of COVID-19 survivors 12 months after the illness …. 

  • Symptoms such as persistent fatigue, breathlessness, brain fog, and depression could debilitate many millions of people globally….

  • The most common lingering symptoms are fatigue and muscle weakness. One third continue to have shortness of breath.

  • Long COVID is a modern medical challenge of the first order."


*Study published in the Lance, August 26, 2021. 

Other long term symptoms: “Overall, at 12 months, COVID-19 survivors had more problems with mobility, pain or discomfort, and anxiety or depression, and had lower self-assessment scores of quality of life than matched COVID-free peers, the investigators report. Megan Brooks, August 27, 2021, Medscape Medical

“People experiencing ongoing or "long-haul" symptoms after COVID-19 illness were more likely to report pain, challenges with physical activities, and ‘substantially worse health’ compared with people needing rehabilitation because of cancer.” The study was published online today in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR). Damian McNamara, July 08, 2021


“From the very beginning, patients have reported significant difficulties with physical ability, endurance, and daily function…. Unfortunately, these functional deficits were often overlooked with the presence of other symptoms such as shortness of breath and fever…" Mayo Clinic


Are you suffering from the after-effects of having COVID? Are you a long hauler? We can help.  


Would you like to Strengthen Your Immune System and Reduce Inflammation to help prevent COVID or to reduce the severity of any Symptoms? We can help.


Would you like to avoid the side effect some suffer from a Vaccine Injection? 

Or do you still suffer from the side effects of a Vaccine? 

We can help. 


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