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Male Health

Male lab tests

As part of your male health program, each participant will receive the following lab tests. 

Lab tests: Blood is drawn to determine the levels of the following hormones: FSH, LH, PSA, Estradiol,  Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), DHEA sulfate, Free Thyroid, T4, TSH, Lipid Profile (cholesterol), Complete Metabolic Panel of 28 tests (blood sugar levels, calcium, protein, kidney and liver functions, cardiac risk factor and Complete Blood Count Panel of 14 tests including red cells, white cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit, anemia indices and platelet count, HgA1C (pre-diabetes/diabetes), Ferritin, Vitamin D3, and B12. 

What do I do? If you want the tests done in advance of your complimentary consultation, call our office at 512-736-5033. You will be charged in advance and a lab slip order will be sent to a CPL of your choice in Texas. You can then go to the lab and they will draw your blood. Make sure you hydrate. We can select a lab convenient for you. An appointment is not necessary but check their hours. If you want to discuss this with our physician, that is fine. Just make your appointment. 

How soon will I get my results? If done at CPL in Texas, your results will generally be available within two business days. Our physician will discuss your lab results in detail to help determine the best program for you. If you are from out-of-state or out-of-town, it can take up to 10 to 12 days. A zoom meeting can be scheduled to discuss your labs. 

Can I bring in labs from another doc? We are sometimes asked if a client can bring in his labs for our review. This of course can be done, and we will look at them. However, we often find that those labs have only a few of the items essential to men’s health and they may not be timely although useful from a historical view. 

What we see most commonly include the lipid profile (cholesterol), blood sugar (glucose), CBC (complete blood count), PSA, and maybe total testosterone. Key missing tests usually include free testosterone, free thyroid, estradiol, homocysteine, CRP, B12, D3, ferritin, and HgbA1c.
The importance of each of these will be explained by our staff. You can also request a copy of our WHY LABS ARE IMPORTANT. (click here to make this request)

Why our labs are affordable and necessary. 

  1. The complete list of tests above is all included in your Male Hormone Program. If you elect to do the tests before consulting with our physician, your cost will be $500.00 - if in Texas. Cost varies for out-of-state labs. This cost will then be deducted from your Male Health Program if you decide to enroll.

    Just so you know, patient price for these labs, if you were to use private pay at a lab, runs from $1500 to $2400. Secondly, we have had patients charged by the labs for as much as $1499 for those tests not covered by their insurance. Insurance may pay for some specialized tests if needed.

2.  Why these labs? We want to ensure that our physicians have a complete picture of your health and each of the lab tests listed above provide valuable information about your health. Our programs are about all aspects of your health and not just e.g. your testosterone level. 

Additional Optional Labs. Depending on your health history, family health history, personal goals, and after consultation with our physicians, additional labs may be ordered/requested.

By way of examples, these may include ABO and RH (blood typing), hepatitis panel, Epstein Bar, IGF-1 (Human Growth Hormone measurement), PLAQ (for your heart), fibrinogen, Reverse T3, Parathyroid, etc. This will be a decision between you and the physician. You can ask for additional tests if desired. 

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