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DNA Tests for Non-Providers

Are you or your provider guessing at what supplements, diet, lifestyle, prescription is right for you and your genes? Would you like to know what is right for you based on your DNA? 

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Our testing is focused on your health risks and offers recommendations for addressing any concerns.

Why test? Professional genetic testing can greatly reduce the health and mental risks that are caused or contributed to by mutated genes.

Your genetic profile will provide information on what diet and what supplements will best support your DNA and reduce or eliminate your risk factors.

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UC Davis Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics

  • Diet is a serious risk factor for disease

  • Common dietary chemicals affect gene expression or structure

  • Dietary influences on health depend on genetic make up and biochemical individuality

  • Diet modulated genes play a role in the onset, incidence, progression and severity of chronic disease

  • Dietary intervention based on knowledge of nutritional requirement, nutritional status and genotype can be used to prevent, mitigate or cure chronic disease.

Note: We are not a family history testing company (ancestry). Nor do you need to send your results to others to learn about your genetic profile and genetic risk factors. We do recommend you share your test results with your provider so he or she can best help you make the right decisions when it comes to your health.


Individual tests to date for separate page:

See attached acne, methylation/foundation, Pharmacogenomic (PGx), Neurotransmitters …. More to follow.

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