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Education and Treatment Center
for Women’s Health and Longevity  

Genetic Testing and Training for Healthcare Professionals!


Are you tired of not finding the right support for your health after you have tried everything?

Do you feel overlooked, given outdated information, left confused by conflicting advice while nothing seems to help?

Our expert team helps women of all ages discover their path to wellness through advanced DNA and Laboratory testing and science-based education.  

Life is to be enjoyed not endured.

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Do you know your warning signs that something may be amiss with your health?

Our DNA and Laboratory Testing provides the most advanced information to help address health concerns.  

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Test Don't Guess

Physical Changes

• Unexpected weight gain

• Body composition shifts

• Hot flashes and night sweats

• Vaginal dryness

• Thinning hair

Mental Challenges

• Brain fog

• Memory concerns

• Anxiety and depression

• Poor sleep quality

Don't let these symptoms control your life any longer.

It's time to reclaim your vitality and confidence!

Discover Your Path to Wellness

Take Action Now!

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Are You Battling the Symptoms of Menopause? Peri-menopause?

You're not alone. Millions of women experience these life-changing symptoms:

Intimate Issues

• Low or absent sex drive

• Difficult periods

• Increased UTIs

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