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Do you fear the COVID Virus?

The Variants? The Vaccine? 


We offer Physician Directed Prevention Protocols and Treatment Protocols:


1. Prevention: SPH Immune Boost Program to strengthen your immune systems, lower inflammation, and reduce your risk or lessen the impact of COVID or any public virus.  Physician Program.

2. ACTIVE COVID or suspect ACTIVE COVID? Physician program with immune strengthening and prescriptions. Physician Follow-up.


3. After-effects of COVID (long haulers) or after-effects of vaccines. Physician Directed.

4. Minimize after-effects of vaccines. Physician Directed. 


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Bioidentical Hormones for Women and Men. 

We help you find optimal health at all ages. 

Whether your personal struggles are with weight loss (or gain), sleep, energy, libido, migraines, depression, hot flashes, difficult periods, low testosterone, ED or many other conditions, your hormones are likely involved.





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Dr. Joe Feste MD, OBGYN

The Physician you can trust with your health.  Providing 53 years of experience and knowledge.

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